Friday, November 26, 2010

VERY special apron!!

At the 2010 Sewing & Stitchery Expo -- at the very special Friday Night LIVE -- Mary and I gave door prize gifts out of our personal "stash"...I got this GREAT PICTURE of Linda Boothman -- winning the embroidered hand towels...

After my recent post about National Tie One On Day -- I received this email from Linda Boothman:

She said:

Hi Rita! Speaking of Aprons.....remember the cute towels you and Mary threw to me at Friday Night Live at Sew Expo this year???? I have been USING them....when it hit me what to do with them! I adapted Mary's Church Ladys' Apron pattern....what do you think???? I love it and it looks great on (-;
Best, Linda in Othello

THANKS, Linda, for sharing!! GREAT, GREAT JOB...

Hey, howzabout instead of getting all caught up in the Black Friday shopping craziness -- use today to do some relaxing SEWING. And start by shopping in your STASH.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a picture of Linda wearing her fab new apron...

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