Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


Mostly, I'd like to say this one thing....those warm and fuzzy Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving pictures were complete fiction. There is so much pressure to have the PERFECT DAY...the PERFECT MEAL....set the PERFECT TABLE...

Like most holidays, Thanksgiving remembers better than it lives. Here's the deal. Every family is dealing with something. Economic problems, job loss, foreclosure. Or maybe it's heath issues. Leukemia, cancer, Alzheimer's. It's hard to be joyfilled if your child has been diagnosed with a devastating illness. Hey -- even if everybody is employed and heathy -- EVERY family has those problem members...the loud, argumentative, know-it-all types, the lazy ones, the no-shows, the grudge-keepers. That's all NORMAL.

But the myth is that on Thanksgiving -- you are entitled to ONE PERFECT DAY. It is supposed to be the one day a year everybody PRETENDS they get along. And, hey -- I'm a big fan of pretending. It's reason enough to cook a gigantic turkey.

But it can be sooooo overrated. I just want to remind you -- NORMAN ROCKWELL PAINTED FICTION.


At the Friday Night LIVE event at Sew Expo last year -- Mary and I brought door prizes out of our "stash". For example -- this beautiful set of vintage embroidered hand towels --

Somewhere in this audience -- Linda from Othello -- was about to win the set of towels...

THEN -- yesterday -- I got this email:

Hi Rita! Speaking of Aprons.....remember the cute towels you and Mary threw to me at Friday Night Live at Sew Expo this year???? I have been USING them....when it hit me what to do with them! I adapted Mary's Church Ladys' Apron pattern....what do you think???? I love it and it looks great on (-;
Best, Linda in Othello

I've asked her to send me a picture of her wearing the apron. WHICH IS FABULOUS...

THANKS, Linda, for sharing!! GREAT, GREAT JOB...

I am thankful for my blog readers!

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