Tuesday, August 28, 2018


In the old days -- Tuesday was ALWAYS about ironing. Happily, in the world I live in, THERE IS NO IRONING...
So -- I think of Tuesday as a COMPLETE BONUS DAY in my week.
And -- hey -- I worked really hard on Monday!! So -- I've earned a day off, right??

So -- if Monday is my biggest WORK DAY -- Tuesday is my biggest PLAY DAY.

Every Tuesday, rain or shine, winter, summer or fall -- Tuesday is my TMBC day.

Many years ago, we started out as a once-a-month Book Club...But we always had SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT -- we decided to get together once-a-week. And, the truth is, we couldn't all read the same book every week (that would turn it into work, y'know?)...so we decided it would be the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club.

Most of the time, we gather at the local HyVee Grocery store...9:00 every Tuesday morning. Same time, same place...
Nobody has to cook, or clean, or plan anything. We don't talk about it beforehand, or text messages to each other, planning what we'll wear. It's not about the place, and it's not about the food. Breakfast is nothing special really...and the ambiance of a HyVee store isn't anything to swoon about.

Maybe that's the magic of our TMBC, The reliable, relentless, every-single-week-on-every-single-Tuesday-morning routine. We show up at the same time, same place...and we each do our weekly download, and maybe some of us bring a sew-and-tell to share...
Although, we often have special events.  This was a day trip to Clinton...(a rare picture of the six of us -- two years ago, when I was fat).  Sharalan is a Texas Snowbird and Jackie lives in North Carolina...so the two of them are members-in-absentia...
Last year, we started doing a once-a-month TMBC SEW-IN at our local library. (I have to haul A LOT OF STUFF)
We set up our Featherweights in one of the big sunny upstairs meeting rooms.
IT'S AMAZING how much we get done in just one day!!
We laugh, we sew, we visit, we laugh some more -- IT'S CRAZY FUN??!!
I am ALWAYS responsible for the biggest mess in the room (sometimes, I make three or four messes)
You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS have one day a week when you get to kick back with your girls.

Really. I'm right about this...

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