Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Last week, I had an exciting summer ROAD TRIP. The occasion was Rhonda Pierce's milestone birthday tour. She lives in Chicago, but was raised in Nebraska.
To kick off her Birthday Tour, she was hosting a little party at the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Rhonda was FLYING to Nebraska -- but, hey, that state is Iowa's next door neighbor, it'll be easier for me to just drive...


The trouble is - I live on the EAST COAST of the State of Iowa.  And Nebraska is way out on the West Coast.  It's a good six hours across my fair state...and we all know how long car trips put me to sleep....so I'll need a co-pilot...

I'll bet Linda Phillips would LOVE to see the Quilt Museum!!  We were on the road by 8:00 Monday morning...
To break up the trip, I'd Garmined in a few antique stores along the way.
Our first stop was two hours down the road, Newton, Iowa.  Which is right off I-80, and has one of those charming town squares. (where they still give parking tickets).
This was a beautiful Veteran's Memorial right in front of their Town Square Courthouse.
The Relics Antique Mall is right across the street from the Courthouse...and I didn't worry about getting a parking ticket, because the people who work in the square all know where the Chalk Lady is at all times...
It was three floors of TREASURE in every direction!
Under the glass top, they have inserted a JIGSAW PUZZLE...Genius, right? LP did a good job, talking me down... "no, Rita...you don't have room for that big table..."
Our second Antique Mall...this one right in Des Moines....and kinda pricey...
But the fun part is finding STUFF YOU ALREADY OWN...and realizing you're RICH!!
This was the Best Quilt we found.  A summer bedspread...with the most beautiful hand-appliqued butterflies.
And the most perfect buttonhole stitching edge...all around the quilt. Only $40...CAN YOU BELIEVE I DIDN'T BUY IT??
It was fun to take some pictures, and I knew I'd love to show it to you. But I don't have to own yet another quilt...

Good job, Phillips!!

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