Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Sandy has been my hairdresser for about 30 years.  WOW.  How is that even possible??
Sandy, singing with a waiter from Ellen's Stardust Diner.
 In 2009 -- I went to New York City with Sandy...and her two best friends, Carol and Evelyn.
That first trip was the beginning of our lifelong friendship.

A highlight of that trip was our dinner at the iconic Tavern On the Green Restaurant.
I didn't realize it until the other day -- but I took pictures that day...of all of us....drinking.
The thing is -- I don't even know what this drink is....
But they have talked about the $17 cost for YEARS...
Hey -- even with NYC prices -- the coffee was a B.A.R.G.A.I.N....
Ever since that trip -- I've referred to this group as the M.D.F.
Can you guess what that stands for?
At a recent luncheon -- we ALL ended up wearing white pants...and, believe it or not, we ALL ha some lace in our tops...
And, except for me -- they ALL enjoyed a martini with lunch.  So that's it.  Get it?  M.D.F....

Stands for "My Drinking Friends..."

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