Monday, August 13, 2018

My Latest Frankensew

If you're lucky, you have "people". You know -- those relatives or friends you can call anytime or anywhere.  Sisters are the best, OF COURSE, You have their back, and they have your back.

So many times in my life, when stuff is happening -- during the BEST times and the WORST times, I simply say, "these are my people"....

My cousin Kim has long been on my short list of People.  The year we were pregnant with our sons (Elliott and Matthew), I made maternity tops for us.  Then we raised our kids a mile from each other, while our husbands worked the second shift.

Kim and I -- two years ago -- at the Make A Wish Foundation Dinner.
Kim's daughter Carrie is my weekly sunshine.  My cleaning lady.  Every Monday, she makes my life worth living...
She's been organizing my life since she was 14 years old...

Kim's son, Matthew -- has twins!  Madison and Riley were maybe 3 years old when I took this picture.
They're ten years old now...and last week, Madison went thrift shopping with me. (shockingly, it was a NEW experience for her!).

During our thrifting excursion, Madison told me she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. At that precise moment, I saw a rack of scrubs for sale...and I asked her if she'd like her own set of scrubs?

I thought it would be easy enough to Frankensew a set of adult scrubs to fit a little girl.


But, then, I remembered she had a TWIN BROTHER back home -- so, okay, TWO sets of scrubs can't be such a big deal....

I am not going to bore you with the sewing details...and I'm very, very glad this picture is not a close-up.  But -- hey -- these kids were thrilled!!
It was WAY MORE WORK than I thought it would be...but, because of my Frankensewed scrubs, Riley wants to be a doctor, too.  So my sewing has once again, probably saved lives...
Here's the thing. Kids LOVE PLAYING DRESS UP. And, in the grand scheme of things -- I think it's a great idea to have them imagining themselves to be DOCTORS AND opposed to cowboys and Indians, Superheros  -- or, even worse -- Princesses...

 P.S.  Thrifting tip:  Iowa City is a University town with a huge regional hospital.  Every thrift store was jammed with racks of scrubs...and at some thrift stores, they drop the price every 30 days.  These started off at $3.99...but, because they were on the 80% off rack....I paid 80 cents for each piece.

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