Monday, August 6, 2018

Brookfield Zoo

Where did the summer go? I mean -- IT'S AUGUST, PEOPLE!! Before you know it, the kids will be going back to school. I miss them already...

I wanted to plan one REALLY BIG THING  for Grandma Camp 2018. What I decided (and could afford) was a mini-vacation to Chicago and THE BROOKFIELD ZOO..!!

The kids were excited to have Uncle Ross join us (he can do the driving!). It's a 3-hour drive. I booked a hotel that had an indoor swimming pool and a free breakfast.

Lilly was trying to connect the Playaway book from the library (but I had the wrong cord)...
But we didn't have to worry about entertainment...both kids slept on the trip into the city.
Ross is an excellent driver. (and I'm an excellent sleeper)
At the hotel, the kids quickly discovered they had CUSTOM SUCKERS! (Thank you Marriott).
Hey -- riding in an elevator is a big adventure for a coupla country kids...
But our first day in the city will be spent IN THE POOL..!!
Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up the pool bag with the kids' swimsuits. Ugh. Happily, without skipping a beat, Lilly said, "we can just swim in our shorts, Grandma -- nobody will care."

I DID remember to pack the pool noodles!!
Uncle Ross joined in the fun!!
Really. It was THAT MUCH FUN.
This Grandma Camp trip is off to a GREAT START..!!

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