Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day of the Week Dishtowel Philosophy

I AM SO LUCKY. And you know I know it. In my bones. To my core. I have always been a lucky person...

At this moment in time, I am really enjoying my life. SO MUCH. And I feel grateful and lucky.

But, then, I've always felt that way. And there's more to it than just learning how to live in the moment...if you're smart -- you'll control your moments. And CREATE something you enjoy doing...every day of the week....

Maybe our grandmothers had it right with their "Seven Day A Week" dishtowel philosophy. EVERY DAY of the week had it's own purpose. They had a certain order to their lives...and I think that's often missing for people nowadays.

But I have very deliberately DONE THIS FOR MYSELF.

For example:

Monday is my CLEANING DAY.

Tuesday is my TMBC DAY (club with my girls) get the drift....

So, starting today.....I'm going to share, each day, WHAT IT IS I do on that day...

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  1. Somewhere in this house is a set of flour sack towels with the kitty seven days. They were part of my grandma's stash. But do you think I can find them? And my house is pretty tidy.