Thursday, August 30, 2018


In the old-fashioned-dishtowel-world -- Thursday was often the "Go To Market" day.  Of course, in those days, America was a rural place and going to town was a once-a-week big deal. And that's not the world we live in.
I go into town as often as I like.  And there really isn't a "market" nowadays. My thrift stores are doing business every day of the week!!
But, as I started to write these blogs -- I realized Thursday WAS a special day for me. It's really my bonus day of the week. I don't have obligations on that day (cleaning lady, kids coming, etc.)...

So, most weeks, Thursday is the day I get together with my friends.  
Sue and I will be having lunch today so I can hear all about her Mississippi Queen VACATION!
Thursday is often the day I hook up with these girls...Earlier in the summer, we had lunch at a local winery!
I'm pretty sure this was a Thursday lunch, when Pat was in town.  (BEST Tenderloin ever!!)
Anybody for lunch at Tommy's?  (a great little dive in downtown Davenport!)
When Marion came from Canada -- we visited Sue ON A THURSDAY...
Anne and Linda -- in Iowa City -- ON A THURSDAY...
Hey, an outing with friends, some thrift store shopping...a lot of catching up to do...I LOVE MY THURSDAYS..!!
Iowa City is about an hour from me -- Great restaurants, wonderful thrift stores...
Hey, Anne -- WE ARE OVERDUE!!  The kids are back in school -- CALL ME..!!

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