Friday, August 24, 2018

2018 Grandma Camp is DONE!!

The kids went back to school on August 23. Grandma Camp 2018 is officially over...and I am already missing it....TIME REALLY DOES FLY, YOU KNOW....

Thinking back on what we did this summer, I'd like to thank the SCOTT COUNTY LIBRARY system. Holy Cow. They put a lot of work into their summer schedule of excellent children's activities and events.
A special thanks to our tiny little Princeton Library -- which used to be the Farmer's Savings Bank.  It sits right on our main street -- across from the Mississippi River.
I took THIS picture one day, as we were walking out of the library.  I try to tell Lilly and Warren how lucky we are to live in this beautiful place...maybe one day, they'll remember
But, in the meantime, this library is just a place where we go to play and to learn new things.
Lilly and Warren walk in, and are always greeted by Dawn or Penny (now retired) or Rachael (the new girl)...
The end-of-the-summer schedule was GREAT. They did tape-painting one day, and
They made kaleidoscopes one day,,,
And, the big finale was SLIME DAY..!!
This was a very thrilling event.
Glitter slime?  Really!!
The kids were THRILLED.
And for the most perfect ending? ROOT BEER FLOATS..!!
Yes, the summer was GREAT. But now it's over. Back to school....and just in a nick of time...I AM EXHAUSTED...

They are, too...

My work here is done.....

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