Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympia, Washington Visitors

The last time you saw Dana -- we were attending one of Pat's famous dinner clubs. That day, we were both charmed by these fascinators...purchased from a street vendor in Olympia, Washington...

I WAS SO EXCITED to get a phone call on a Friday afternoon from Dana. She and her husband Bill were driving through Iowa and they wondered if I had dinner plans that night!

Because he loves to do spontaneous things (yes, that is sarcasm) -- my husband John agreed to join us. I picked a famous local restaurant, the Iowa Machine Shed. Hey -- how can we go wrong? The waitresses wear bib overalls!!
AND they make some world-class pork dishes. This is the stuffed pork least 3" thick...The bottomless sides -- corn on the cob, coleslaw, applesauce, cottage cheese -- are served family style. I am trying not to think how many Weight Watcher points this meal will be. Maybe 150? lol...

OF COURSE the cash register looks like the front of a tractor. Yes, here in Iowa -- once we establish a theme -- we stick to it!!
Dana and I did a little shopping in the theme-oriented gift shop. She'll be bringing a surprise back to Olympia for you, Pat!!

IT WAS SUCH a delight to have visitors from a foreign land. Dana and Bill were driving clean across the country. If you find yourself on Interstate 80 this summer -- SEND ME AN EMAIL. I'd love to see you!! (

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