Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sue and Kim invited 150+ people to his retirement party. The menu was slow-roasted pork BBQ sandwiches, watermelon, coleslaw, buns, homemade chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, chocolate sheet cake -- along with LOTS OF OTHER STUFF. There was a "Candy Bar" -- a popcorn machine, beer, soda -- well, you get the idea.

Sue's brother is a vegetable farmer -- and the homemade coleslaw was a very important element to the meal. I told her the best coleslaw I ever ate was at Kathy Keefer's house in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. My friend Kathy is an incredible cook -- and her coleslaw is DELICIOUS.

I told Sue, "If you like KFC coleslaw -- you will love this." So, on the day before the party -- I went to her house and we fired up TWO food processors. We peeled the carrots...

And broke down 17 heads of cabbage...

Sue mixed up small batches of the dressing...we had one certain large bowl that was perfect to mix up one batch at a time...

Kathy -- YOU WOULD BE SO PROUD. Sue loved your coleslaw -- (and she is the pickiest person you will ever meet -- I mean that in a very loving way)...
Here it is -- on a bed of ice -- with a fly cover -- and it's own little identifying placard...

THIS COLESLAW IS DELICIOUS. It is a very simple recipe -- you probably already have everything you need in the frig.

Kathy's Coleslaw:

1 large head of cabbage
5 carrots (more or less -- you decide)

1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup vinegar (cider)
1/4 cup milk

Grate the cabbage and carrots (I like it fine -- Sue prefers a little more coarse).

Mix the dressing separately...then pour it over the shredded cabbage & carrots and mix well. Stir before serving.

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