Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My new Chico's Top

This is a picture of me at the Tuesday morning breakfast club...with my friend Linda. I'm wearing my favorite new Chico's top. I love the print...and the colors...

WAIT. I don't shop at Chico's. Because they don't make clothes big enough for me!!

So what's the story here?? I BOUGHT IT AT THE THRIFT STORE, of course. The tags were still on it...and I paid $2.38. Knowing full well that it wouldn't fit me. But, hey -- no problem -- BECAUSE I SEW...

Here, you can see that I added a strip of white knit fabric in each side. I cut off the sleeves -- and using the two sleeves, I made one bigger sleeve. Then, I made a white sleeve, used the leftover fabric from sleeve #2 to make a "band"...

I've done this many times....it's an easy way to make a too-small-top or dress fit my too-large body....

And, if you sew -- YOU, TOO, CAN BE A CHICO'S girl...

Or -- maybe I could just go on a diet, eh??


  1. Super cute remake of the t-shirt!
    You've inspired me to get busy.

    PS-sure miss the Project Runway recap posts.

  2. That's right, it's Thursday - Project Runway night.
    Having actually watched it on real tv - ummm- twice, I like watching it on my computer more. Without as many commercial breaks and a shorter time to sit still.
    I do like this season as the judges seem to have grown up.

    Nice Chico's shirt.