Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Clubbers KNIT

In this picture, Sandy is wearing a scarf she made...

Which was SO UNIQUE -- and we all loved the varigated nature of the yarn -- and it looks so complicated...but Sandy kept telling us it was actually REALLY EASY...

Because of the way the yarn is manufactured....pretty odd, eh?

HEY -- My book clubbers are VERY COMPETITIVE.

Sandy wears her scarf to breakfast one week -- and the VERY next week the three of them are wearing scarves that they made since LAST WEEK...

I am the only one WHO DOES NOT knit...so I was inordinately impressed with their creations...in such a short period of time, too!!

GREAT JOB, GIRLS. And today -- I AM BRINGING a sew-n-tell of my own. About time, eh? I've been doing so much travel this fall -- I haven't been holding up my end of INSPIRATIONAL PROJECTS...but that's about to change...today is my big reveal.

Prepare to be amazed!!

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