Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Val's Fourth of July Dress

The GOOD NEWS is that Valerie has been approved for 20 days of nursing home "care". yippee kayee...

And, hey, come to think about it -- there is NO BAD NEWS. Val has a great attitude, and she is appreciative of the help.

I got back from Reno on July 2, and decided I would make a "Fourth of July" nursing home dress for Valerie.

Remember -- my "STASH" of t-shirts. This is gonna be fun...

I started off with a sleeveless red/white & blue striped t-shirt. I used the top of it -- but then cut the rest in strips to make the SKIRT.

Here's Val -- with the dress laying on top of her. Can you see the best feature? The middle section of the skirt is another t-shirt with one of the 7 Dwarfs. It says,

"I'm right. You're Wrong. Any questions?"

Then, I added the blue star pockets...and a white piece at the bottom, to make it the right length.

PERFECT. And Val was the HIT OF THE HOME on July 4th...

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