Wednesday, July 27, 2011


On July 10th, there was a B-17 right here in Scott County, Iowa. No kidding. A fully restored, working B-17 landed at our little Mt. Joy municipal airport. There was a wonderful story in the Quad City Times -- explaining that the "flights" cost $400 (10 people per flight -- about an hour up in the air). But the inside-the-plane-ground-tour was only $5 per person. I knew this would be an excellent "Aunt Rita Adventure!". (the key to success for these deals is that I pick events I WANT TO GO TO....)

However, as the weekend developed, it just didn't work out. Mostly because these KIDS ARE SO DARN BUSY!!

i moved on to an excellent Plan B -- Lillian was I put the B-17 Adventure out of my mind.

Then I heard that my sister Deena actually BOUGHT A FLIGHT for her husband Ned. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? (Here's Ned, with granddaughter Madeline)...

On Friday, the B-17 flew over their house, and Ned wistfully remarked that it would almost be worth the $$ to take a ride on that thing. Such a piece of history...

Our father, Glenn Little, was in the Army Air Corps in WW II. He was a navigator on a B-26. So maybe that's why this event caught Deena's attention. And after Ned made his remark -- and Deena heard a commercial on her car radio. IT FELT LIKE DESTINY. She called the number from her cell phone and got lucky. There was ONE seat left on the Sunday 1:00 PM flight.


She quickly informed her kids -- and they met at the Mt. Joy airfield. Ned thought they were all just going for the $5 "tour" of the plane. But NOOOOOOOO...

After he signed the release (it IS a 70-year-old airplane)...Ned climbed aboard and UP THEY WENT.

They have promised me pictures. I'M WAITING, PEOPLE!!

I promise a complete report....SOON...

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  1. I know a kindred soul when I see airplanes on her blog.
    Zebra stripes may be your signature grandma gifts but airplanes are my signature nephew/niece/grand-nieces gifts.