Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jen & Joe's Baby Gift

Here's what I love about Bert's family events. Usually -- the men do all the kitchen work. (with a modicum of supervision, of course)...
Jen is opening my baby gift. A knit receiving blanket...the center is a recycled t-shirt says, "Mom Likes Me Best"...(remember -- it's her first baby!)

The blanket was packed into a blinged-up-diaper bag...I chose leopard fabric and ribbon to complete this safari-themed gift.

The finished bag was quite dapper, if I do say so myself...(there was also a small leopard cooler inside)...

Jen's daughter-in-law, Sue, and her two girls were in charge of the GAMES....which you can imagine, I LOVED. In this one, we were all instructed to write down our best "new mothering" advice...
I wrote down, "don't leave the hospital until they give you a girl..."

Congratulations, Jen!! You will be a wonderful mother -- because you had a wonderful example.

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