Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lillian's Toddler Room

No more Pack & Play for Lillian. She filled that thing from END to END. Okay...time to move on. I paid $20 for a "toddler bed". This one was made out of plain white metal. PERFECT...

In yesterday's post -- I showed you my little crib-mattress-pad trick - AND my new crib-sheet-case-invention. Here's the bed, with the new dinosaur sheet -- AND a fabulous dino-pillow that is bigger than Lillian!

It's so adorable! Lilly kept dragging it out into the living room -- so she could sit on the floor and watch television.

On the opposite wall -- the twin bed has been reworked, too. With it's own dinosaur sheets, and a zebra throw wrapped around the long cushion.

Lillian and her devoted best friend, Sophie. Who shared the new bed...

Great picture, Kelcy...THANKS...

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