Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Titanic Exhibit

No matter what part of the country you live in -- there is ALWAYS something interesting going on. Right now, in Davenport, Iowa, at the Putnam Museum -- there is a Titanic Artifact exhibit.

My niece Amy was taking her three boys -- and she invited her Mom and me to join them. Here's my only picture of the whole group...I know, it's fuzzy...but you can sens the smiles, right?

This is a way better picture of Amy and her boys -- Cale, Garrett and Cash...

The upper floor, where the exhibit is, was painted to look like the outside of the Titanic...

Because I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit -- I had to wait until we got through..

The boys had to go to their usual Putnam favorite-places. This tree had just enough viewing spots -- although you can barely see Amy peeking through her knothole...

They did a great job with the exhibit -- and the actual artifacts that came up from the sunken Titanic were awesome.

Here's the part I loved...when you enter the exhibit, they hand you a "boarding pass" -- with a Titanic passenger name. At the end of the exhibit, every name is written up on the wall. The columns are "First Class", "Second Class", "Third Class" and "Crew". ..and you have to search for your name to see if they survived or went down with the ship.

The exhibit did a great job of telling the stories of many of the passengers...who they were, and why they were on the ship. Some of them boarded at the last minute, or transferred from another ship. Many people who intended to cross the ocean on the Titanic either missed the boat or changed their plans at the last minute.

As I sat on the bench, searching for my "passenger's" identity, I was once again struck by one of the credos of my life...

"Most days, you can't tell your good luck from your bad."


  1. So whose name did you have and did you survive? Have you been to the Recovered Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City? I spent 3 hours in that one. Fascinating what they have restored and they have a Lab where they are still restoring stuff in the Museum.

  2. Sue in MilwaukeeJuly 14, 2011 at 7:26 AM

    They had that exhibit in Milwaukee a while back. My co-worker went with his wife. She 'survived', he didn't. Very moving and a great experience I'm told.