Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OH MY GOD...I love my life. Really. Last Friday night, I called my cousin Kim and said, "I'm picking you up at 6:30 --it's a surprise destination."

Without any questions, she was ready to go when I pulled into her lane. She had NO IDEA where we were headed. I drove us to the new Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf, Iowa. The parking lot was full. 1300 seats had been sold --

It was a concert. A group from 2009 America's Got Talent. AND THEY SHOULD'VE WON...


Do you recognize them? It's the Texas Tenors!! During the concert, Kim and I kept looking at one another, saying, 'THEY ARE AMAZING"...When it was over, I went out to get my camera from the car. KIM stayed in line to buy our CD's...which she had AUTOGRAPHED by all three of these amazing singers.

Sadly -- these are my best pictures...see the cowboy hat?

I'm getting closer -- see two cowboy hats??

yeah...my pictures suck...

Because they were THRONGED BY THEIR FANS. Truly. I couldn't even get close.

Here's what I loved about these guys. Well, for one thing -- THEY HAVE INCREDIBLE SINGING VOICES. Oh my. I've never heard anybody better -- in person, on television, or on a Broadway stage. They were amazing...

And -- I loved how they said, "flash photography is not only allowed -- IT'S ENCOURAGED." TAKE ALL THE PICTURES YOU WANT -- do a video -- post it on your Facebook page -- TELL THE WORLD...

If only I had an I-phone!! My Blackberry takes sucky pictures and videos...so it was a wasted effort.

But I AM TELLING YOU THIS -- if you ever get the chance to see the Texas Tenors in concert -- JUST DO IT.

You can thank me later.

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