Saturday, March 26, 2011

Casey and American Idol

Casey got the LOWEST NUMBER OF VOTES on American Idol this week?


I am loving this season of American Idol. I can't believe I'm saying this -- but I don't even miss Simon! Really...Stephen Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are both fun to watch. And what I like about them the most is that they don't even TRY to be Simon. This week, Stephen jumped up on the stage to give Jacob a hug. Jennifer sings along, claps and sways with the music. They are supportive and insightful.

These young people are sooo talented. Jacob, James, Pia, Casey, Stephano, Scotty...(yes, the boys are better than the girls)...

Each week, I can't WAIT to tune in and see what they'll sing. Idol has gone BACK to being "can't miss tv" for me. It's every bit as good as IT USED TO BE. Which is such a rare thing for a show.

Motown was the theme. MY FAVORITE!! If you are an Idol fan -- you know what I mean.(hey -- if you're not an Idol fan -- you quit reading long ago.) Casey Abrams kicked it off with "Heard it through the grapevine" and HE NAILED IT...

The next night, during the results show, after 30 million people voted -- I expected three girls to be in the bottom...and most likely, Haley will go home.

So -- fast forward to CASEY BEING VOTED OFF THE SHOW!!

Picture me, in my living room, screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...."

Casey sets up to "sing for his life"

The judges have "one save" they can use to keep Casey on the show. (which means two contestants will go home next week)...

Casey starts to heart is breaking...this is a lot to ask from the kid..

Ryan Seacrest comes on the stage and stops Casey in the middle of his song...

Then, Randy announces that they are going to use the save to keep Casey on the show.

I start to breath again.

I'm telling you -- this is CAN'T MISS TV...

My friend Marion, who has been watching Idol from Florida (remember -- she's from Canada) -- was stunned, too. 30 million people voted for American idol this week...and THIS IS THE END RESULT??

Yes, Marion, this is how we do it in America....Casey got the lowest number of votes.

Maybe this result goes a long way to explaining some of the trouble we're having of late...

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