Thursday, March 10, 2011


Going to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington is the BIGGEST TRIP of the year for me. I work every single day on Sew Expo. There is ALWAYS something going on. A newsletteris due, the weekly show blog, emails from consumers, trying to track down new vendors, speakers or special events. It really does TAKE A VILLAGE, people.

I started writing the articles for the Seattle Times insert way back in November..and I already have a list in my head about what I hope will make an interesting story for NEXT year.

So -- when it's time for me to actually get ON A PLANE and FLY TO WASHINGTON STATE -- I am ready to hyperventilate from all the excitement and last minute details. I am a nervous wreck from all the worry. Will the show be a success? Will the weather cooperate? Will the people come? Will they enjoy the evening special events? Will we make any money for the charity? Did I explain the Pillowcase Patrol well enough? get the idea...

I took this picture as my plane was leaving Moline...I can still remember taking a deep head was spinning...but I knew there wasn't anything more I could do...
I'm telling you -- THOSE PLANES ARE CROWDED. My standard joke is, "the only way they could squeeze any more passengers on this plane would be if they sprayed us all with PAM as we got on."

The actual distance from the edge of my seat to the back of the seat in front of me is 12". REALLY?? I have my Hey Rita totebag (my purse is inside), a bottle of water, a boiled wool jacket and a raincoat. Ugh...(my laptop suitcase is stowed ABOVE the seat -- in the SSMO section. (some shifting may occur)...

This picture was taken during set-up day! Laura Mendoza with her awesome MAYA -- who enjoyed every day of the show!!

Thanks, Laura -- for being such an enthusiastic, awesome CTA, mentor for the Coats & Clark Pro-Am event, attendee, Yahoo Group devotee...

You EPITOMIZE the Sewing & Stitchery Expo.

It was an AWESOME SHOW. The first day of the show, some people couldn't get across the pass (whatever that means). And it was rainy for three out of the four days. BUT our attendance was only down by 800.

Which is a HUGE VICTORY in today's "new economy".

We built it and THEY DID COME...

I'll be posting more pictures, more stories, lots and lots of Sew Expo!! And hey -- Nobody had more fun than me...!!


  1. "Across the pass" means driving across the mountain pass at Snoqualmie Summit (the way to get from Eastern Washington to Seattle). In bad weather the pass CLOSES because it is too treacherous to drive. If the highway patrol did not close the pass you would see many would-be expo attendees stranded in the snow!
    I was there the year the earthquake hit the day before the show. It didn't slow us down then! But a blizzard in the mountains will stop even the most enthusiastic sewist from getting to Expo safely.

  2. Awww, Rita! Mya Moose loves her picture! She had an awesome time at Expo :-) Check my photo album (2011 Sew Expo) to see all her pictures.
    Laura in Puyallup

  3. THANKS, Becky. One of these days -- I'll look at a map!! And I am so glad, Laura, that Mya enjoyed the show ALMOST as much as you & I did!!

  4. Hey Rita...Mya Moose was born out of love from last years sewng and Stithery Expo..if you didn't give Laura that FABULOUS sweater....well...don't EVEN want to think about...Mya is just the best..what would Expo be without her!!!