Friday, March 4, 2011

Deborah and Robison-Anton

My pictures do NOT do it justice -- but Deborah's newest jenny Haskins embroidered quilt is absolutely stunning. During her recent visit to Iowa, I tried to get some decent pictures...

I do love this picture of Deborah -- surrounded by some of her favorite things -- THREAD! Like all good machine embroiderers -- she has hundreds of spools of thread...and this was just the little bag of RobisonAnton that was left after her vacation-embroidery-projects...
Since her visit, she took her quilt to a professional appraiser. They consider the "stitch count"...

Which I think was over 2 million. (OMG)

THEN, they took pictures, studied the quality of her work -- and came up with an appraisal of $7,650.

Can I can it gain?


I will be WEARING a lot of Deborah's embroidery "art" at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo this week. So I'll be thinking about her every day, and wishing she could come to the show.

But now that I know what her stuff is worth -- I'm really going to be more careful when I wear it. Especially when I'm eating those warm Fischer scones...with the drippy butter and fresh strawberry jam...

I will be very, very careful!!

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  1. Would love to know what embroidery machine Deborah has to churn out all this beautiful stuff. BTW, am sad to say I couldn't make the show this year, but am looking forward to next year. Also, love your blog!