Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long Overdue Bert Saturday!

Since Christmas, my life has been so overwhelmed by SEW EXPO -- that I have rarely been able to kick around with my friend Bert. We have BOTH missed our Saturdays...

So it was a joyful thing when we recently set off on a Saturday morning Muscatine, Iowa for -- our favorite thing -- AN AUCTION!!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this butter yellow sofa. But if I buy the darn thing -- it would mean a week of work to make room for it in my house. But it's such a good match with my new blinds...I do give it some serious thought...

One of the big mysteries was this dress form. Wha?? It's made of actual FOAM...and the lose-fitting covering seems like it's 'stuffable" -- so it would equate my own actual body. Right? (well -- it would require a LOT OF STUFFING -- but is that the concept?)

This picture was an original. Pen and ink. And -- in so many ways -- I felt like it could have been a went for $12.50. Nope, I didn't buy it...

You NEVER KNOW what you're going to find at an auction. Here -- in the back of Bert's Subaru -- you can see her NEW CHANDELIER...

The secret is to go to an auction with an open mind. And you cannot be in a hurry. On this day, they had lots of homemade pie...which helped to pass the time. Also, set a bidding "limit" for every item. It's easy to get caught up in thinking, "I've waited all this time -- I'M GOING TO GET IT NO MATTER WHAT..!"

It's pretty easy to pay more than it's worth...



  1. That is a Uniquely You dress form. You fit the cover skin tight to your body. Then zip it onto foam form, after you pad the areas that need to be bigger with cotton batting. The concept is to force the foam into a body double of you. I have one and if you ever buy one and need the directions for fitting the cover I'll send them to you. Becky McKee

  2. THANKS! do they still make them, Becky? It seems like a good you like yours?

  3. Oh Lord I used to LOVE Auctions when I lived in Missouri. They don't have them out here in Washington. Probably a good thing or I would be addicted all over again.