Friday, March 25, 2011

Gail's Original ART

I don't know if I ever met anybody who enjoys doing HOME DEC more than my friend Gail. Remember...Mary and I stayed at her Tacoma condo during Sew Expo. There were so many interesting "art installations" -- I could not resist taking some pictures. This is my all-time-favorite piece of original art....the frame alone is very dimensional -- with hand-painting. Can you see the dress made out of buttons? And read the hand-embroidered words?

In the kitchen, some small paintings...the off-kilter mats make all the difference...

This GREAT PICTURE is my black button dress -- and its reflection -- in the bathroom mirror.

And THIS IS FAB. One of Gail's friends is a ceramist. It LOOKS like fabric -- but when you touch it, you realize it's china. Gail hung it in a corner, from a hook -- then put the frame across the corner...

It's SO 3-D dimensional...FABULOUS...

And I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the antique-silver-hand-mirror-made-into-a-clock that Gail artfully hung on the wall -- inside an empty picture frame.

It was a pleasure to be surrounded by your beautiful art, Gail. You obviously LOVE putting a home together -- and you have a wonderful eye. And in your next life, you should own an art gallery. I WOULD COME to all your events!!

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