Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 8, 2011

This picture was taken in the upper lobby of the Blackhawk Hotel. Sandy, me, my cousin Linda and my Aunt Ada. It was a frosty winter day...February 8 -- Linda's birthday. We took a little tour of the fancy new renovation after our breakfast.
These pictures are for Linda P. -- who decided to LIVE IN ARIZONA this winter. YOU AND DON ARE BOTH BIG WEATHER WUSSES. I belong to a wonderful little book club -- which, technically, has become a weekly "breakfast club". We only have four members -- which is fine -- because it takes two hours for each of us to do our weekly download.

Since it's Linda's birthday -- her Mom took your place, Linda P...

And we had a wonderful time...even though we desperately missed you...and are GREEN with envy that you are having so much fun in the sun.

We hope you miss us, too -- and YOU CAN COME BACK ANY TIME NOW. The weather is lovely. 60 degree days. Beautiful fresh warm spring days. No more snow or pesky icy roads.

Yeah. I'm lyin'...

Stay another month...

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