Saturday, March 12, 2011


I got home from the show on Tuesday night. Since then, I obviously wrote a few posts for this blog and the show blog -- and I've been answering emails, and trying to deal with the 1300 photos on my camera.

To be completely honest -- I am experiencing a huge after-the-show-letdown....


I can't believe it's over.

This is worse than Christmas!! These bags, pictured here at the Seattle airport -- are all sitting in the middle of my kitchen right now -- half un-packed. And I don't feel like finishing that big job...ugh...

Maybe my doldrums is caused by a week of eating "show food". Even though Gail left the condo WELL stocked with fresh fruit....and I did enjoy a banana every morning, on our way to the show...and I clearly PACKED an apple every single day....but, sadly -- it was the SAME APPLE every day....(thanks for trying, Gail!)...
Because, sadly, what I actually ATE most days was out of the WSU snack bar -- chips, granola bars, cheetos, pretzels...did I already say chips?? There was some stale beef jerky...
And -- who are we kidding? Besides the non-stop daily snacking -- The actual lunch was some kind of spaghetti or noodles every day...with a mystery meat floatiing in a fattening sauce...but I could identify the BROWNIES for dessert...

When I take the Fisher scones into account -- not to mention eating supper at 10:00 PM AFTER the evening events -- it's no wonder I gained 10 pounds. And, so far, I have put off walking on my treadmill JUST as successfully as I've put off the unpacking job!!

So it's the doldrums....but I'll deal with it. This is one of those days when I wish I knew more about anti-depressant drugs. Humm...

Oh well. Since I have a limited knowledge of pharmaceutical remedies for depression -- I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

I'm off to buy some candy bars...then I'll put on some Motown music and SEW SOMETHING for Lilly's birthday party!!


  1. Rita,
    Wish I lived closer. Chocolate is the best remedy and then while you sewed, I would unpack for you and clean your house! Thanks for giving up so much of you for us. The Expo was great!
    Jolene and Clare

  2. And, we locals have our letdown too - with Pacific Fabrics losing their lease at their Puyallup location :-(
    Laura in Puyallup