Friday, July 6, 2018

TMBC Retreat Projects

We each packed up our own projects for our FIRST TMBC Sewing Retreat: My four possible projects were:
  1. The Splendid Sampler Quilt
  2. Some red,white and blue t-shirts for the kids
  3. Mary Mular's criss-cross apron (out of IKEA fabric)
  4. The flip-and-stitch quilt from the fabric off the kid’s starched wall fabric.
(yes, I’m an optimist)

Then, I also packed things for other people and/or the group. i.e., a few entertainment elements. A game of banagrams (we ended up with 3 of those!), a “girls’ night out” conversation topics game, and a jigsaw puzzle (a Singer sewing machine sitting on top of a quilt).

ALSO, a big bag of different paints so LK could start painting her rolling machine case, and some extra fabric (which she could cut out to mod-podge onto the bag)...

By the time I also packed up my overnight bag, clothes, pajamas, toiletries, a suitcase full of tools and supplies, my Featherweight sewing AND a book to read...YIKES...I was afraid if everybody was bringing as much as I was -- Sandy wouldn't have enough room in her van.

So, on the day before we were supposed to leave -- I cleaned out my car and went to the CAR WASH...(just in case).

But I needn't have worried.  Sandy's van had plenty of room for the four of us and all our stuff. 
The room had GREAT LIGHT!!
Sandy was working on a Mary Mulari apron pattern...
And it's reversible (OF COURSE.!)
LP was working on her new Row by Row project.
AND she also had a second big project -- a history quilt...
LP got ALL THESE PANELS done -- AND she started to assemble her Row by Row quilt -- using the Quilt-as-you-go technique she has perfected...
So -- what all did I get done??

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