Saturday, July 7, 2018

Other Sewing Retreat Projects

The First-Ever TMBC Sewing Retreat was, of course, mostly about the SEWING. But, of course, another big element is just the simple act of GETTING AWAY from the normal hum-drum of our everyday lives.

Hey -- if you've been paying attention, you know I AM A BIG FAN OF NORMAL HUM-DRUM!! But it's really beneficial to blow it up every now and then. And do something VERY DIFFERENT from what you usually do.

And, obviously, you don't have to SEW to benefit from going on a retreat.
Good thing, too.  Because this is the only moment LK touched her Featherweight.  She and I were oiling our respective machines...then, she had a major malfunction.  Ugh.
Which is why a girl SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE PLAN B...
LK decided to paint her rolling tote...and decorate it with some fabric.
The first effort didn't suit her -- so she took it off and moved to a lime green instead.
And, hey, by that time Ann had made our supper!!
So we all moved on to the dinner portion of our day.
Instead of After-dinner drinks, we had After-dinner Banagrams...!!
And, late that night -- when the rest of us were sewing in our pajamas...LK was making progress on the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  YES, PEOPLE, you have to be flexible.!!

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  1. At CTA retreat you will find those who have brought two machines and a included. One year, I brought one machine and TWO sergers. Hey, I wanted to test out my new Evolution, but wanted old reliable there in case I got I also bring every pressing aid I own....even if I know I won't need them, because someone will need a seam roll or ham for the oddest, tricky area that has nothing to do with garment sewing.