Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rita's First (and Last) Quilt

So, with the contributions from my TMBC friends...my first (and, obviously, LAST) quilt just might become a reality.
Last summer, I started to lay the quilt out...

At our April library sewing-day, I completed 9 rows of blocks -- using the quilt-as-you-go method.
This is what the back of the quilt looked like at that point.....
At the May library sewing day, I used the quilt-as-you-go technique to sew the strips together...
I'M GETTING CLOSER ALL THE TIME -- and it's pretty exciting!! Once I got the 9 strips all sewn together, I had a quilt top that was 60''x 80". That will cover the deck of a queen size mattress...

My goal for the two days of sewing at our TMBC RETREAT was to figure out my actual finished dimensions, how much of a drop I wanted...and sew the side panels accordingly.
The SS blocks (for the deck of the quilt) are all joined, and I've created two black panels for the sides. (I only had enough black fabric to make 6" panels.)
I pinned the black side panel to the quilt...
Then, using quilt-as-you-go -- I attached both side panels
This is how the back looks now...SOOOO CLOSE, RIGHT??
I cut up EVERY LAST SCRAP OF FABRIC I had in my basket...to see if I'd have enough to make a 10" run around the three sides...to make the finished quilt 80"x 90"

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