Monday, July 16, 2018

Grandma Sue's Farm Camp 1

Sue and I have been friends since the 7th Grade. HOLY COW. That's a long time...We raised our kids together -- so it only seems fitting that I make her an honorary member of my Grandma Camp Adventure team...
She lives on a wonderful Scott County Century Farm.
And two of her Grandkids are visiting from North Carolina!!
I decided Lilly and Warren would enjoy spending some time with Madeline and Eian.
SO -- we went to the farm for lunch. THEN, I gave the kids the official "Scavenger Hunt" game. (which I pretty much printed off the internet).
The teams were decided. Boys against Girls.
CLEARLY -- the boys are younger. So the kids negotiated an advantage. AFTER the girls come in, the boys get to hunt for an additional 3 minutes -- AND the boys also get a one-minute FREEZE BOMB. They all agreed that would be fair...
The GIRLS WON anyway! Madeline and Lilly were like two old friends...

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