Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July t-shirt

OF COURSE I HAD TO PACK UP A FRANKENSEW project to take with me on the TMBC Sewing Retreat. I threw some red,white and blue t-shirts in my basket-o-goodies (just in case I got frustrated with my never-ending quilt project).

The front of the shirt is a cute little dog, holding the American Flag.
I cut up an old red t-shirt -- and made a lining in the the red would show through when I shredded the white...
This slit, twist and sew technique was interesting to add at the neckline.
Then, of course, I added a blue sleeve and a red sleeve.
I also cut the side fringe, and tied knots...(so the red t-shirt was visible)...BUT CAN YOU SEE WHERE THE RED BLED.  Ugh.  I swear, that red t-shirt had to be five years old.
The braiding was fun.  Simple over under...
When you do it twice, it looks like this...
YOU CANNOT TRUST RED.  Everyplace it touched the white t-shirt -- I have a new pink line.

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