Saturday, July 21, 2018

Our Boat Ride

As we were waiting to board the Blue Heron, Calvin bought the kids a slurpy...
They'd had a LONG DAY -- and needed a snack!!
As we got ready to get on the Blue Heron -- Captain Mark took us into the shed where they store the life jackets. Since I can't swim, wearing a life jacket on the Mississippi is a no brainer for me.
The kids had no choice.  They couldn't get on the boat until they strapped up their life jackets...
Most of the adults chose to just carry their life jackets on board...
Warren was bothered by the fact that Calvin wasn't wearing his life jacket...
We'd been on the boat for about half an hour, when Warren asked..."Why doesn't Uncle Calvin have to wear a life jacket?"

Me: He's an adult, hon. And it's not comfortable for him.

Warren: What happens if he falls into the water?

Me: Well, you and I are both wearing life jackets -- we'll have to save him.

Warren: (long pause)...then he said, "You can save him, Grandma. I'm just going to float..."

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