Monday, May 1, 2017


So, it's official.  I am declaring this GIRLFRIEND TRAVEL WEEK!!  And, because I'm off on a Girlfriend Trip of my own -- to Nancy's Notions annual Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (I hope to see you there) -- I have selected a week's worth of some of my favorite trips to relive with you.

SUMMER IS HERE.  START MAKING PLANS.  Call you sister, cousin, or old college roommate -- and plan a little road trip!!  Go to the library to get a good book on tape, buy some BBQ chips, and HIT THE ROAD...!!

******************* Here's what's generally happening in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin:

 This was written in 2011:

You already know that no matter where I go -- I enjoy checking out the OLD HOUSE TOURS -- the mansion tours, the Victorian B and B's, etc. If you're ever in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin -- be sure to visit the Seippel Homestead and Center for the Arts, 1605 N. Spring Street, Beaver Dam, WI.

During my recent visit, the art exhibit was "Hello Again -- Recycled Art". With their permission, I took lots of photographs. This exhibit was so much you know what this is? It's a room size mural made out of scrunched up plastic garbage kidding...

This beautiful little picture is made entirely out of used zippers...

And who would have thought about this? The artist drilled holes in small squares of tile samples -- then wove the chair back & seat. HOW CREATIVE IS THAT??
EVEN THE SIDEWALK becomes an art project at a place like this!! I always try to zoom into the Sieppel Art Center when I am in Beaver Dam because there is always something inspiring to see.

No matter WHERE YOU GO this summer -- whether you're in a big city or a small town -- check out the local galleries or art museums...because somebody worked REALLY HARD to put together an interesting exhibit for you. AND THAT'S WHAT ART IS ALL ABOUT, EH?? never know where it's gonna come from...!


Here's a link to their current exhibit, called "Text, Texture and Textile"...WHICH I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE...

Yes, I am a lucky girl!!
 MMWI:  246.8.  I did pretty good with the no-late-night-snacking.  I started to work jigsaw puzzles instead...And, once or twice, I just went to bed before I started munching...

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