Saturday, May 13, 2017

More Beaver Dam People!!

Nope. Not done with Beaver Dam and Sewing Weekend yet...

The really big thing about this event -- what makes it DIFFERENT from every other sewing event in the country -- is the location. It's actually IN THE NANCY'S NOTIONS WAREHOUSE. They move everything for the weekend. AND they hang a huge quilt show. AND they use six or seven other locations around town. The churches, schools, skating rinks. Then -- THEY BUS PEOPLE from place to place.  IT IS SOOO COOL...

Even the hallways are decorated with quilts. 
This quilt, hanging in one of the hallways -- caught my attention.
Each State has it's own appropriately themed-fabric.
People on snow skis for Colorado...Horses for Wyoming...Beef for South Dakota...
CORN for Iowa...
Flamingos for Florida (of course!)
The entire store is set up for sewing machine demos and sales.
Hey, Diane!!
This is the Sewing Weekend version of tailgating!! 
Even though he was working until the wee hours of the night...every night...the President of Nancy's Notions took a minute for this picture.
So I'd like to take a minute to THANK THE WHOLE TEAM for inviting the Ya Ya Sisters to Sewing Weekend. You run a first class operation, from beginning to end...and it was AN HONOR to be part of it.

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  1. It is always fun to have a sewing buddies, wherein you can chit chat all day while working with your projects.