Saturday, May 20, 2017

Children's ART

Lilly loves to do "art". It really doesn't matter if she's painting a cardboard box or making bracelets out of rubber bands. She LOVES being creative.

We are VERY FORTUNATE in this area to have not one -- but TWO wonderful art museums.  The Figge and the Putnam.  (my best guess is both institutions are named after a rich white guy who died and left a pot of money).

The Figge has a partnership with all the schools in the area, whereby each school gets a "weekend" to display the best art from each class.  This year, Lilly was invited to represent the 2nd Grade for her school, Virgil Grissom.  She was DELIGHTED...

It was exciting for her to see her picture hanging IN THE ART GALLERY...
There was also a reception, where each artist received a certificate
Of course, Uncle Ross and I both went to let Lilly know we support her art. (Warren does, too!)
After the reception, the kids wanted to go to their favorite place at the Figge...
Oh,'s the Lego Studio...a room they are both very familiar with!!
Thanks to the internet, there is a new twist in the world of childrens' art. It's a service called "Artsonia".  (check out the link).

Here's how it works.  When Lilly (or any student in the world) creates a new piece of art, her art teacher takes a digital picture and uploads it to the Artsonia website.  Lilly's parents must approve the people who can go to Lilly's page...and we all get a notice when a new piece of art goes up.  And we are encouraged to write comments to Lilly...

AND -- of course -- you can ORDER THINGS WITH THE child's artwork!!  Mugs, t-shirts, aprons, prints, keychains, jewelry...all kinds of things.

I think it's genius.

There could be a turtle keychain in my future.

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