Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Beaver Dam Roadtrip!!

Mary Mulari and I, a.k.a., the Midwest Ya Ya Sisters, were invited to be the special evening entertainment at Nancy's Notions 2017 Sewing Weekend. It is not possible for me to tell you what a wonderful event this is...from beginning to end, it's a First Class operation.

As a speaker, it is ALWAYS an honor to be invited to Sewing Weekend. Nancy's Notions takes care of every single detail. They pay your expenses, your speaking fee, they book your hotel room, and pick you up at the airport. In addition, throughout the entire event, you have a CONTACT PERSON from Nancy's Notions...who is available (via their personal cellphone) to take care of your needs, day or night.

This year, the theme for Sewing Weekend was GIRLFRIEND ROADTRIPS!!


Honestly -- last week, when I was posting my "in my absence" blog posts -- I realized I have made so many Girlfriend Road Trips -- I COULD WRITE A BOOK!!

The worst part of any car trip for me is that I have to CLEAN MY CAR. Ugh. It's a big two-day process, as you can imagine. Carrie came on Monday, and as she was working in the house, I was bagging up crap from my trunk (2 bag to the Goodwill, 1 bag of complete garbage, and 3 bags still sitting in the basement, waiting for their final sorting...).

Then, Tuesday, after TMBC, I had to take the car through the Car Wash Place. You know the one -- where, for $17, they clean the outside AND the inside of the car...they vacuum the floors, wash the inside of the windows, clean the seats, etc.

But, finally -- by 8:00 Wednesday morning -- I HIT THE ROAD. It should take me 3 hours to get to Madison, Wisconsin -- where I'm picking Mary up at the airport. Her flight was due to land at 2:39. That should give me some time to do a little thrifting, eh??
It was a BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY. Everything is bursting in green...
Wisconsin has beautiful scenery. I LOVE IT..!!
And they have the cutest little towns. Mineral Point is one of my favorites...and ALWAYS a stop!!
Because they have a BARGAIN NOOK!! It's a small chain of charity thrift stores -- everything is beautifully displayed, the prices are terrific, and they get LOTS OF STUFF FROM LANDS END..!! Holy Cow!!  SO MUCH FUN...
Really -- every little town looks like this.  Well cared for, beautifully landscaped, neat and clean.
The Wisconsin Rest Areas are always welcoming. Again -- CLEAN AS A WHISTLE..!!
On Wednesday, I drove for about 3 hours, and I did thrift-store shopping for 3 1/2 hours.  TOTALLY AWESOME.

Well done, Wisconsin!!


  1. Even Walmart is clean! Right rita!?

  2. YES, it is shockingly clean!! You've just gotta love Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!!!