Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is it Porketta or Porchetta??

Welcome to our 2017 PORCH PARTY!!

Thanks to my friends Mary Mulari and Nancy Harp -- this year, I had a special theme -- "Food From the Iron Range".

Our menu will be: Porketta (spicy, boneless, rolled pork roast) Pasties (a savory hand pie the miners used to take to work with them) Cardamon Bread, Lefse (here's an interesting video) Potica (a hand-rolled nut bread)..and sandwich loaf (more about that later).

John and I did a Porketta trial run the week before the luncheon.
He deboned a large fresh pork roast, cut it in two, and butterflied it...
The spices are rubbed on the inside, then the meat is rolled, and tied.  (in this case, we used the porketta sweater Nancy sent)
The spices are then rubbed all over the OUTSIDE of the roast.
They look great!
WOW.  SO DELICIOUS.  I cannot believe I lived this long and never knew about porketta.
It makes me wonder what else I might be missing!!

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