Monday, May 22, 2017

Funky Coffee Shops

Recently, when I was in Aurora, Minnesota visiting Mary, we had one day to do a little tour of the area.  We had a most delightful lunch at a wonderful funky little place in Virginia called The Shop Coffeehouse.
The outside was interesting enough...
But the inside was so unique, it screamed "I LOVE YOU"
Everything about it was spot-on...
Every mug is different and unique. This one says,"Does this make my butt look big?"
Every wall was full of art -- like this wall of shards of glass, which created a mosaic design...
Inside, it's bigger than it looks.
And the personal pan pizza was SPECTACULAR.
Like I said -- art everywhere.
Honestly -- everywhere you look, there is some spectacular piece of art.
See what I mean?
The coffeehouse in Virginia, Minnesota reminds me of the Mate Factor coffeeshop in Ithaca, New York. Remember that place? I was on a road trip with my friend Marion...
We were doing a little exploring of the downtown...
We went inside this wacky little joint...and Marion had some delicious spelt pancakes.
After our trip, we discovered the place is being boycotted by the locals because it's owned and operated by a "cult".

Really?  Like life isn't complicated enough??  You can't even enjoy a simple spelt pancake breakfast without feeling responsible for some kind of  David Karesh mayhem...
MMWI:  244.0

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