Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Beaver Dam Sewing Weekend Ya Ya show

WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD at the 2017 Beaver Dam Sewing Weekend. I am so sorry if you weren't there.

The afternoon of our show -- I STILL HAD SOME SEWING TO DO...
The Babylock team was not surprised that I had procrastinated my actual SEWING...
The moment we saw Judy and Chris -- the Ya Ya Stalkers who came all the way from Portland, Oregon!!
Mary and I, having a serious discussion before the show about me paying attention to the actual ORDER of things...
I am obviously a nervous wreck...
We have a PROFESSIONAL SOUND MAN for this show!!  (Matthew may seriously be considering a career change)
I took ONE PICTURE of our audience, right before the show can see our special guests in the front row.  Judy and Chris (NOW they're wearing their disguise??!!)...

We also reserved a seat for our friend Jon Larson (from Clover) -- who is often the BEST SMILE on any sewing trade show floor!!
AND our friend Carol Godsave, who came ALL THE WAY FROM GENESEO, New York!!  Of course she should sit in the front row!!
Nancy came back stage to wish us luck...we didn't know until the next day that her husband Rich also came to the show.
The next day, we set up at a table in the warehouse so people could see our samples up close and personal.  I think EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attended Thursday night stopped us on Friday to tell us how much they enjoyed the show.  HEY -- NOBODY HAD MORE FUN THAN WE DID!!
The two other honored guests in the front row were Dianne and Vivienne -- Mary's college roommates.  Here were are, the morning after...eating breakfast at the hotel.  THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!!
Our friend Rhonda Pierce didn't get to sit in the front row -- because she was too busy TAKING PICTURES for us, and helping me get through 20 changes back stage.
Don't worry -- I'm not done writing about Sewing Weekend!! I came home with over 500 pictures...and I wish I'd taken more.

If you aren't planning a girlfriend weekend sometime soon -- GET ON IT.   It is strong medicine...and a great way to get your priorities straight.  Relax, kick back, be yourself, don't answer your phone, don't cook for maybe three days. 

The time you spend with your women sister/friends -- the ones who know you and love you -- well, it's better than a year with a well trained psychiatrist.

I'm right about this. 


  1. I bet Rita took all of her 500 photos with a REAL camera, and not a phone! She is the only person I know who still uses a camera!