Thursday, May 18, 2017

Making/Facing Armhole Openings

This post was SUPPOSED to go up yesterday...but it didn't!!  Today was SUPPOSED to be a Happy Birthday message for my sister Deb.  Then, I remembered she doesn't read this blog anyway -- so, what the heck -- I'll put that off until tomorrow!


At the end of the Ya Ya show in Beaver Dam, I told Mary I was going to come out on stage wearing a swimsuit (one I'd recently Frankensewed). I was changing into that final outfit, I just could not put the audience through the trauma of seeing my cellulite-y I whimped out and wore a pair of exercise shorts over my suit.

So, it is no surprise that I don't have an actual picture of me wearing a swimming suit...but swim COVER UPS were a big part of this year's Ya Ya show -- and this is one of my favorites.
It's basically a towel with two slits for your arms.
One of Lilly's NYC souvenirs was a towel of the MTA Subway map. Lilly loves taking it to the pool -- and it is often a conversation-starter. I thought it would be pretty easy to add the armhole slits...
Of course, I am using scraps of t-shirt knit. It's lightweight, it won't ravel, and it's so pliable..
I wanted the final slit to be 10 I serged a 10" dart into the middle of the piece of knit.(it was easier than measuring and marking)
I sewed around my serged "dart"
Then, I used a seam ripper to cut the slit in the towel.
Then, I cut away the "t-shirt dart".
Turned the t-shirt fabric to the back side of the towel...and ironed it in place, using some fusible hem tape.
Then, I stitched around the slit.
The final step was to cut away the excess t-shirt fabric...
Lilly LOVES it.  Warren??  Well -- he cannot be in a picture nowadays without making some crazy face.  I think he's just going through a Donald Trump phase...

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