Monday, May 15, 2017

Ponytails and Swimming Pools...

Lilly has long hair, and as far as I'm concerned -- it's a nightmare. She has a very tender head, and brushing out the knots and tangles was time consuming and painful. (for both of us!)  I cannot tell you how much I dreaded that job.

For the last two years, she has almost exclusively worn it in a pulled back low pony tail. It was something she could manage by herself...and it more or less hid the fact that her long ponytail was full of tangles.
During our NYC trip, I snapped this picture...
And this one, too. (she is walking like she OWNS that city!)
Now that Grandma Rita is living at the Bettendorf YMCA pool (I attended six Swimfit classes last week) -- it has become a favorite place for Lilly and Warren, too.
When they go to the pool with me -- her wet ponytail becomes A WET, HEAVY KNOTTED MESS...I swear...if we swim for an hour, it takes another hour to brush out the tangles...
This is just a random shot of two VERY HAPPY CHILDREN.
They love, love, love swimming at this beautiful pool.  Thank you again, Bettendorf, Iowa.  Well done!!
They were whipped!!! These pictures were taken moments after we got in the car.
Hey -- I'M TIRED, TOO. But somebody's gotta drive us home!!
Here's the good news. LILLY GOT HER HAIR CUT!! Her ponytail was long enough to be donated ..and she liked the idea that her hair would be used to make a wig for some other little girl who lost her hair because of chemo treatments.
Yes, she's pretty happy with her new look.
And it is SO EASY to comb...two swipes of the brush, and she's good to go.
The beautician who cut Lilly's hair sends it to Wigs for Kids

Apparently -- Locks of Love (which is the organization I knew about) -- sells more hair than they donate, and cancer patients aren't even eligible to receive wigs from them.

Who knew, eh?

MMWI:  246 pounds   


  1. Cute haircut on a cute girl! Also, I was surprised to read that about Locks of Love - good to know. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the new haircut! My hair tangles horribly too. Cut it off in 5th grade. Grew it back in my 20s, then cut it off again. Even as short as mine is now, it still tangles. I have to use a light conditioner every day just so I can run a comb through it.