Saturday, April 29, 2017

Girlfriend Travel

Hello to a beautiful SATURDAY in Iowa!! This post is just a lot of random shots of me, traveling with my girlfriends...

Because I'm getting ready for my BIG MAY TRIP up to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Mary Mulari and I will be doing our ALL NEW MIDWEST YA YA SISTER ACT for the Thursday night event at Nancy's Sewing Weekend.

YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO MAKE PLANS!!  (I'm talking to you, Laura and Linda!!)  C'mon -- if Sue can come up out of her basement -- YOU CAN SURELY get on a plane!!

Our presentation this year is all about GIRLFRIEND TRAVEL -- and you know what A BIG FAN I AM of this kind of activity.  At this point in my life, it is my mission to plan at least one out-of-town girlfriend trip each month...
ALL NEXT WEEK this blog is going to be about rehashing some of my favorite girlfriend trips. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to plan a trip of your own!!

And we hope to see you IN BEAVER DAM, WISCONSIN next weekend!!

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  1. Gonna miss it again.....Have a family Memorial Service to attend.....why do we have to have FAMILY REUNIONS when we have a funeral or memorial??? It's just WRONG! Planning for NEXT YEAR!