Friday, April 28, 2017

Annual Friends/Ritawear

Friendship is a funny thing. You never know how or when it's going to happen. And no two are alike.

One of the best things about going to see Mary in Aurora, Minnesota, is having a chance to visit with her peeps..who have become my peeps...

The last two summers, I've gone up there for the Northern Lights Music Festival. And we always do THIS...
2015 Breakfast at Giant's Ridge with Mary, her sister Sarah, friends Nancy and and Marion (who came from CANADA to see the Opera).

2016 breakfast again at the stunning Giant's Ridge -- Mary, Nancy, me and Pat (who came from Olympia, Washington)...
On these occasions, Nancy buys my breakfast because I deliver some "Ritawear".

Thrift store shopping for Mary's friend Nancy started many years ago, when Mary and I went "dumpster diving" at the Goodwill Outlet in Seattle.  Mary found a fleece shirt she thought Nancy would like as a bed/reading jacket. She took it back to Minnesota, washed it, wrapped it in a ribbon, and presented it to Nancy, along with the story of where it came from. (you never know how dumpster clothing gifts might be received).

Nancy was delighted -- and shopping for her became a fun part of our treasure hunts...all over the country. There was one hot pink silk jacket, in particular, that cost 25 cents from the local STUFF store...that became Nancy's signature piece.
During my recent visit, Nancy talked Mary out of buying this blond wig.
And, of course, we enjoyed a fabulous lunch at a restaurant in Duluth.
Called Grandma's!! OF COURSE...
Nancy is one of those friends you can't get ahead of. If you give her a gift, she gives you twogifts in return. And then, another one for good measure...and another... She has sent me beautiful knit scarves, and kitchen towels, pot holders....and mesh scrubbies...

After my most recent visit, UPS just keeps coming...there is Porketta spice packets, along with recipes, and Potitca...and, well -- here's a link to some of the FOOD GIFTS she sent...

SO GUESS WHAT??   MY SPRING PORCH PARTY will feature food from the Iron Range!!

Do you know what sandwich loaf is??

THANKS, NANCY -- My Iowa peeps are going to love it!!

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  1. You are so welcome! Even my friends will ask "is that Ritawear?" when complimenting on something I'm wearing!" I hope you and your friends enjoy a taste of the Iron Range.