Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our Birthday Month

March is the Farro Women Birthday Month. Lilly is March 9th, Emily is March 22, and mine is March 29. So we keep busy making chocolate cake with peanut butter icing!!
Lilly is getting pretty good at making her own birthday cake. Obviously, Warren is a big help...
She set the table in preparation for her BIRTHDAY STEAK..!!
The card played music -- and it was ALL ABOUT our upcoming trip to NYC.
The kids helped me hang out some sheets...then, ran back and forth, and made a tent...
Lilly was having her Spider-man themed birthday party at the Princeton community center. The day before the party, she said, "Mom tried to hire a girl who does face painting, but she was busy."

She seemed so disappointed, before I knew it, these words were coming out of my mouth, "I could paint faces, hon. Let's go to Michael's to buy some paint."

I mean -- how hard can it be to paint children's faces? The paint we bought had an idea sheet, with the example for Spider man that looked pretty simple...we bought some extra red paint...

(an internet picture of what the example looked like)

How hard can it be to paint some red Spider man masks? Simple, right?

Except that when the kids came to sit down at my Face Painting table, they took one look at the example sheet -- and they thought they could pick ANY DESIGN FOR ME TO PAINT ON THEIR FACE...

WHA?? I don't think so, little peeps...

My first customer was my great-nephew, 6 year old Oliver. He was looking at the design sheet, when I told him he had to be Spiderman. Although he was disappointed, he went along with my plan...

Then, the next customer was a little girl from Lilly's class.  She picked out a puppy face...and when I was about to insist on Spiderman -- I realized the puppy face was WAY EASIER TO DO...a few spots, and a circle around her eye...

WHAT WAS I THINKING??  To hell with Spiderman!!

I loved the puppy face...and the girls all liked the Butterfly designs.
But, using the face paint, it was very time consuming to make a fine I decided to resort to the "washable"markers.
I mean, the black outlining makes the whole difference. And washable means it will wash right off - right??
As it turns out -- washable means "at some point, if you use the right soap, and rub hard enough"...

For my own birthday, imagine my surprise when I got a GIANT BOX OF FLOWERS delivered...!!
Tulips and irises!! Always my favorites. THANKS, MARION!! It was a shock.
Our Birthday month was TOTALLY PERFECT. Lilly was delighted with the face painting at her party. Although -- even SHE didn't pick Spiderman!! (she had black butterfly lines on her face for 3 days). Poor Oliver was my only red Spiderman mask.

We ate our fill of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing...Lilly enjoyed her annual Porterhouse steak...WE WENT TO NEW YORK CITY...and my flowers lasted for almost two weeks.

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