Thursday, April 6, 2017

Saturday, March 18, Part One

It was Saturday, March 18 -- our second full day in New York City.

Lexi wanted to eat breakfast at the Plaza, and then go to the Central Park Zoo -- so TOT (the other three) headed uptown.

It was a cold, wet day -- and Lilly was coughing -- so I didn't want her walking around outdoors at the zoo for we headed off in a different direction.

We walked up to Ellen's Stardust Diner -- and at 9:00 AM, the line was outside the door and around the building.  AGAIN.  Thank you, Facebook, for ruining my favorite NYC Happy Place...

Okay...the point was BREAKFAST. So, we went across the street and walked into one of those Europa Cafe's. The place was empty...but the food was reasonable and FRESH...
GREAT breakfast.  They made our cheese omelette, ($6)...and the coffee was WONDERFUL.
The bagel was perfect....we had a delightful breakfast.  We played some Banagrams...
We sat at a table, with a glass wall looking out on the city street.  This bronze rabbit sculpture was our view.  I told Lilly when she comes back to New York, she'll want to come here again to have breakfast.
The city was still trying to deal with all the snow.
We walked across the street to Radio City Music Hall..We got lucky -- and hooked up with a tour that was mostly a high school group from Missouri.
The Art Deco Radio City Music Hall, built in AMAZING!!

We met Bobby, who lives in New Jersey and has been working at Radio City for three years.  (Lilly is wearing the crystal apple necklace I gave her that morning).
Lilly was the youngest person on the tour -- but she LOVED IT.
We got to go up on the stage, and Lilly said, "this is where Nick Cannon did America's Got Talent!"
Wikipedia:  The Great Stage, designed by Peter Clark, measures 66.5 by 144 ft, and resembles a setting sun. Its system of elevators was so advanced that the U.S. Navy incorporated identical hydraulics in constructing World War II aircraft carriers; according to Radio City lore, during the war, government agents guarded the basement to assure the Navy's technological advantage.This elevator system was also designed by Peter Clark, and was built by Otis Elevators.
We got special "VIP" badges...
Probably the most exciting part of the tour was actually meeting a real Rockette!! Our Rockette was named Carrie, and she's from Illinois. Our souvenir picture turned out GREAT..
When we left Radio City -- we went to Rockefeller Center.

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  1. Another great diner to eat at in NYC is Juniors in the theater district. It looks like the wait will be forever, but it's not. They really know how to shuffle people through. Don't expect to linger after you're done eating.