Monday, April 17, 2017

Where is Easter Dinner?

For the last ten years or so, I've been going to my niece's house for Easter dinner. At the time, both Ross and Elliott were living in distant states -- and John and I would have been alone. I was grateful for the invitation...and delighted NOT to be making a big holiday meal.
My sister Ronda, her daughter Nicole and me. 
This picture is from a coupla years ago...but you get the idea. Lots of people, plenty of food...
In the good old days, we had lots of little ones for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Life has been moving at warp speed...and last Wednesday, I realized that I hadn't heard from Nicole. Hummm...I wonder if she's having Easter dinner? Maybe she's downsizing her party? Maybe we're not invited?

So, I texted her:
Me:  Hey, Nicole!   Do you want to come to my house for Easter dinner?
Nicole:  That sounds, wait... I think I'm having company that day.
Me:  Anybody I know?

Then, I actually CALLED HER...(welcome to 1996, eh?)....and said I was afraid she was trying to get out of making Easter dinner.

She assured me that was not happening...she just assumed I would assume...that kind of thing.

So -- dinner was at 1:00.

TOMORROW I hope to have a current photo to share -- along with this year's Easter Scavenger Hunt!!

MMWI:  _249.4_______

Whatever the number ends up being, I am pleased with the week.  I even had a cream puff for Easter!!  But I didn't go habits are so much better nowadays...I go to four or five swimfit classes every week, and THAT IS SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT in my life habits, I can hardly believe it myself. 

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