Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 18, Part 4

Obviously, TAVERN ON THE GREEN deserves it's own blog post!! Being there at that exact moment in time was a complete fluke.  It was Ritaluck in action...and I always TRY TO BE GRATEFUL.

The thing is -- about a dozen things had to COME TOGETHER to make this moment possible. For one thing -- TOTG was open again!!  And we just happened to get there on that day at a moment when the main restaurant -- with all the glass walls -- was empty.  The staff was setting the room up for that evening's dinner.  The young maître d was in a good mood...and Lilly had recently watched the movie, Mr. Popper's Penguins...

So -- even at 8 years old, Lilly understood how special this restaurant was...and WE WERE ABOUT TO EAT LUNCH THERE!!
Surprise!! They have a really decent Kid's Menu.
Our table was right at the glass wall -- looking out at Central Park.  (this 5x7 photo will hang on my wall FOREVER)
We played Banagrams...(which we did every day).  A year ago, I didn't know about this game. But thanks to Kim and Whitney -- it is my GO TO GRANDMA game. It's easy to carry around, doesn't require a big board or a lot of rules...and waiters enjoy it, too.  (Warren plays with the tiles like it's a dominoes game)
My lunch was SPECTACULAR.  Homemade potato chips, and a fabulous, delicious hamburger.  $26 was a bargain!!
Lilly ordered macaroni and cheese. When I asked, are you sure?...she said..."Theirs will be special, Grandma". And it was!! Gorgozola cheese...it was creamy, cheesy and delicious...
We enjoyed a review of our morning...Lilly was in charge of our hotel key, and had her MTA subway pass as a souvenir...
She'd purchased the yellow fuzzy thing at Mood Fabrics the day before -- and I remembered to get out the special "8" candle, so we could take some pictures.  WHAT A FABULOUS WAY TO START HER EIGHTH YEAR!!!
As you would expect, Tavern On The Green does an elegant coffee service...
And I WAS READY for a fresh cup of hot coffee!!

Lilly had ordered a hot brownie ice cream sundae from the kid's menu. (I hadn't said anything to the waiter...but he must have seen her birthday 8 candle.)
When he brought the dessert to the table -- there was a pink candle, and the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written in chocolate sauce!!  REALLY...I SWEAR THIS IS ALL TRUE...
When she tells the story, Lilly says, IT HAD SPRINKLES AND TWO CHERRIES.
Honestly, I cannot imagine a better Grandma moment...
After a very relaxing TWO HOURS at Tavern On The Green, we were leaving when these people sat at the table next to us. Guess what? Rachel (red sweater) graduated from the University of Iowa, and she works in the FIDI (Financial District). Her mother was visiting from Sioux City, Iowa. I was delighted that Lilly met a young woman who was born and raised in Iowa, and now lives in New York (she LOVES IT)...
When we left Tavern On The Green, we walked a few blocks to the subway station at Lincoln Center.

Thank you, New York City. Well done!!


  1. Well done fir sure. I have TOTG on my "next" NY list. I may just order the MacNCheese.

  2. SWEET!!!! Definitely need to try that mac and cheese!