Monday, April 3, 2017

There is a Town called Normal...

Thank you for missing the blog.  And I really do appreciate your emails...and have tried to respond to them personally.  But I'm afraid I did a poor forgive me.

I feel like time is moving at WARP SPEED...and I have many joyful things to tell you about.

But, as life happens, in between all the wonderful stuff -- my trip to NYC with Lilly, my birthday, a quick trip up to Mary's house to do a Featherweight workshop...there has been grief, sadness and much worry.

My friend, Kathy, is still reeling from her grandson's death...and another friend, Judy, died last week after a 12-year battle with cancer.

Well -- you get the drift. The ups and downs of life. The good and the bad. The ying and the yang. It can be tough to find the balance...but everybody has to deal with the push and pull, right?

How can you be there for your people who are devastated...cry with them, try to live in the "before and after" moment when their life changed.  Forever....

Then -- in the blink of an eye-- you need to be fully in the moment when Lilly sees the Empire State Building for the first time.

I don't have all the answers...but I've missed writing the blog. And THANK YOU for missing it, too. I'm working on my FIRST FIVE NEW YORK CITY blogs...which I will post this week.


So, I'm glad to have a mission....

Here's a picture of Lilly from last March. When we took our first BIRTHDAY TRIP. To Chicago. Wow.
To go to New York City -- she carried the same purse, and used the same cellphone (I bought her a Tracphone)..

Although I didn't know it last year -- taking a trip in March (we both have March birthdays) has now become OUR TRADITION. Awesome, eh??
The morning of our departure!  To New York City!!

I am already planning our location for next year. Any suggestions??

MMWI:  On the day I got back from NYC, I weighed 257. Hummm...apparently, I ate more than I walked, eh?

But the following week, I went to Swimfit 3 times...and got back on last Monday, I weighed 254.8. I don't even know if that's up or down. But the important thing is, I am still doing it. Eating healthier...moving more...going to Swimfit.. .

This morning, MMWI was:  251.8

It's all good.


  1. Boston is my vote for the next city. Our daughter and son in law lived there for several years and it's a neat city. Of course we were there in the summertime so I couldn't tell ya how it would be to be a tourist in March.

    So sorry for your losses and sorrows and happy that you have created such a memorable tradition with your grand baby!

  2. How about Seattle? Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, EMP, Chihuly's glass blowing studio in Tacoma, ferry boat ride to Bremerton to see the battleship. If the weather is decent, I could take you to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park (about 40 minutes south of Puyallup)
    So glad you're back :-)

  3. Oh, and the Seattle Underground tour!

  4. Ok....I have to Google Seattle Underground Tour.....