Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Frankensewing TWO WAYS

It's been five months since I went to Fat Camp.

I cannot believe how much my life has changed. In soo many ways...all for the better!

And, all along the way -- FRANKENSEWING has made my journey interesting and fashionable!!

At first, I had to use my Frankensewing skills to make work-out clothes that would fit me.

My pre-fat-camp fashion show. I had to make every top this case, I put together two shirts to create ONE.
Then, along the way, as I continue to lose weight...(one ounce by ounce) I get to use my Frankensewing skills to make my clothes SMALLER..!!
Again, I put together TWO shirts to make ONE.  Only this time -- smaller!!  This San Francisco shirt was a 3X, and I cut four inches off each side, recut the armholes, and added sleeves from another shirt. It took about 10 minutes.  (great picture, Sandy!)
Here's the big question -- what do women do who cannot sew??


  1. Rita, I am so proud of you! I can hear you now. who is rhia person, she sounds like she knows me! Well, I do. I was a long time friend and supporter of your store in Clinton,Iowa! Please email me sometime, I have some questions for you! Jody, Walcott, Ia

  2. OMG...Jody from Walcott!! Send me your email. (

    I'll have my people call your people -- and we can do lunch!!